Our Cases

Below are some of the Cases we have worked on.

Windows Phone on a tight schedule

Our job was to build a Software Release planning process for Windows Phones. A new organization had been thrown together and the clock was ticking. There were new partners, new suppliers and a completely new technology. We pulled it off. Within 8 months the first device shipped which was about half the time it usually took.

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Let's eat the company dog food

The organization has been sold to a new buyer. Everyone is sad that it is the end of an era but at the same time happy and relived for a new start. It's time to integrate and our survival depends on it. What better start than harmonizing processes and using the in-house tool created by the new owner. Team Foundation Server here we come.

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A little less BANG in ERP

ERP implementations by nature tend to lean themselves to towards "Big Bang" deployments but what if that big bang is your business going up in smoke. This case is about how we helped make an ERP deployment more lean and agile. This saved time, improved usability and reduced business risk.

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A Scaled Agile deployment

At one of the most turbulent points in our client's history we were tasked with making Product planning more Agile. It was a bit of a bumpy road but we succeeded. We built a powerful key user community and trained over 3000 end users. Ultimately the customer lost the mobile devices battle but there was a lot to be learnt in the process.

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Integrating a new Acquisition into the mix

A young and promising startup is acquired by big incumbent. The one born agile in a fury of chaos and genius is to be integrated into a well structured and large operation. How to fuse the two together without destroying the soul and spirit that made the aquisition an attractive buy in the first place.

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Time to consolidate expensive and outdated tools

There are two legacy requirement management tools from the 90's in use. They are expensive and overlapping. The client has a potential replacement candidate for both tools and they need an evaluation done to see if the replacement is feasable. If the answer is yes there will be a long and lucrative replacement project.

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Financial Management and Reporting tool replacement

A critical tool replacement has been left for so long that the legacy system no longer has support and current versions of browsers cannot be used to access it. The project budget is tight and the schedule is even tighter. All the earmarks of a project ready to fail.

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ISO9001 compliant Product documentation

A strategic decision had been made to eradicate a legacy system from the company. There was a massive cost saving to be made but first we needed to configure a system that could do the job of the old one and ensure legal compliance.

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