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Are you the best at what you do? Can you work independently and continuously delight the customer?

We are looking for people who can help us grow the business. It's a tough market and we need the best people to help us suceed. We need fast learners who build networks and keep the customer wanting more. Entrapraneurs at heart like us best fit the company culture.
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Infusion as an Employer

At Infusion we pride ourselves on being a great employer. We provide exciting opportunities to build your career and gain experience working with Globally recognized companies. We have worked hard to build a strong reputation with our clients and we do that by only employing the best people.

Best is not defined by what someone scored on a test 10 years ago or what they think they know. Its defined by a person's ability to provide high value to the client and the other people they work with.

Key indicators of high performers are people who have a strong work ethic and proven track record of success. These people can lead from the top or the bottom, are able to work independently and are well liked and respected by their colleagues. They have the maturity not to blame others for their failings and share their successes with the whole team.

Our staff need to be versatile and able to wear many hats as required by the client. From a solution developer to a project manager and in some cases a trainer or tester. If you have experience in the consulting industry this will be nothing new to you.

In addition to the training we provide we expect our employees to be active in their own career development. By self-study and finding mentors within the organization employees can actively learn and improve their skill-set.

We look for people who possess the following:

Passion for people and learning

You inspire the people you work with. You throw yourself at learning opportunities.

Best Industry Know-how

You are the best at what you do because you relentlessly work at it. People respect your opinions and advice. You are able to influence an outcome.

Deliver what you promise

You are careful to promise only what you know can be delivered. You do what you say you will do.

Integrity when no one is watching

You believe honesty and doing what is right is more important than winning. People trust you.

Flexibility in work life

When there is a job to be done you are there to do it regardless of how convenient it is. When the problem is solved you take some extra time off.

A playful and fun attitude

You don't take life too seriously. Work can be fun and you know how to make it that way for your colleagues.

General Expressions of Interest

We welcome you to send us your Curriculum Vitae and an email explaining your professional experience and interest in working with us.

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