Agile Product Development

Leverage the benefit of Agile at all levels of the organization

Agile is not just a buzz word, it is a movement to build customer centric products iteratively based on user feedback. It focuses on flexibility, continual learning and empowering the team. Scrum and Kanban are the two most widely adopted methodologies.

Where most organizations benefit from Agile is in the way it requires the business and those developing the product to interact. There is frequent face to face contact, clear roles, and regular hands-on demonstrations.

Scaling Agile beyond the team can be a little more tricky, especially when delivering complex systems. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a well established methodology to help large organizations improve visibility, traceability and syncronization at all levels of the organization.

Infusion has a weath of knowledge in making Agile work for teams as well as for large scale organizations. We can assist in designing and deploying a way of working that fits your company and products. We also have extensive experience deploying common Agile tools like Jira, HP ALM and TFS to large groups of end users.

Operational Excellence

It's time to take a hard look the way you work

How much money and effort is wasted on duplication? Multiple tools doing the same job, complex integrations that don't deliver what they were intended to, siloed working practices and no common process. It's time to clean house and simplify.

The process should always be the starting point when transforming the business. Find and remove the bottle necks, make the process more responsive and eliminate waste.

Far too often the focus is squarly on replacing tools without thinking about the underlying business needs. This is a missed opportunity and recipe for disaster.
Delivering Success is not just about knowing what needs to happen, it's as much about being able to make change happen.
At infusion we start by taking a hard look at how you work, listening to your stakeholders to understand the problems and making recommendations based on what we know works. Once we agree what needs to happen we get our hands dirty and get things done.

Leading Change

Embed successful Change Leadership in your Projects

IT projects don't just fail because of technical reasons. More often than not they fail due to insufficient buy-in for the change or lack of support for the transition. The result is missed opportunity, wasted money and a damaged reputation among key stakeholders.

It doesn't need to be this way. At Infusion we have invested heavily in developing change practices and tools that are based on industry best practices yet are agile and lean. We focus on being practical and pragmatic in a way that safeguards success while eliminating activities that don't add value.

Kotter's 8 step model pictured to the right is at the core of our philosophy. Its principles are put into play by every member of the team. We believe change leadership is a shared responsibility and embedded in every role.

Plan to succeed by making sure you embed expert change agents in your projects. There is no need to risk your project or reputation by working with people who do not understand how to make change happen.

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